Prayer & Intercession: Declaring God's will in the earth

Doing effective ministry is always a result of being perpetually in relationship with our heavenly Father through the medium of prayer.  The Lord wishes to do great things amongst His people in the earth, but, it will only be done through prayer and intercession, birthing His will in the earth. 
Pastor Alton's heart for prayer:​ When we ask God for anything, doubting nothing, He will do just what we ask.


As I've grown in life, in ministry, and in experiences, I've continued to see God do great things as a result of prayer and intercession.  As beleivers I think we sometimes underestimate prayer.  One of my favorite scriptures is James 5:17 declaring that Elias was a man subject to like passions as we are, and he prayed earnestly that it might not rain: and it rained not on the earth by the space of three years and six months.  That verse ignited a desire in me even the more to see the very elements and earth respond to my faith in God.  That meant to me that I could pray about sickness, disease, calamity, chaos, storms, and even nature and God would honor my prayer.  Elias had such relationship with God that when he requested the heavens be shut up, God honored that prayer.  So when we have consistent relationship with God, He will honor our every request that is made according to His word.


There are four questions I often ask when I teach about prayer:

1. Does God recognize you in prayer?  Before He destroyed Sodom and Gomorha He spoke with Abraham.  Before He destroyed the children of Israel in the wilderness, He honored Moses' request to spare them.  All becaue He knew them and He called them His friends.

2. Does the enemy recognize you in prayer?  The demon that attacked the sons of Sceva knew Jesus, and even went so far as to declare that he knew who Paul was.  When was the last time the dark forces were intimidated by you?


3. Are you allowing God to pray through you?  Jesus is THE intercessor.  And He makes intercession through us by His Holy Spirit.  We can not be arrogant to think that anything is done by our power.


4.  Are you praying His word?  He has promised us that everything else will fail and be withered except His word.  His word will always get His attention, and He has vowed to watch over His word to perform it.  Therefore praying His word guarantees a response from heaven. So we must know His word.